Discover Your Talents

Skills are the foundation of success at work. To know where you score and what you are worth is essential to make a career.


GoSkilling provides transparency and knowledge through skill scorings for employees who want to improve their career.

Useful Insights

Get insights on your skills with skills scorings to make yourself comparable to your co-workers, co-students and everybody in your industry.

Data Driven

Smart algorithms use user input like your professional history, ratings and more to get you your skill scoring.

Always up to Date

Humans are changing over the time and so are your skills. Skills valuations are going with your development.

Sabermetrics for Work

GoSkilling provides reliable scorings of your skills. Smart algorithms convert human input to boost your career.

Our solution helps you to learn more about yourself and your value to a company.


We are dedicated to our mission,
to make recruitment independent from biases,
solely focused on skills.

Christian Kramp

Product Manager